Keanu Reeves in “Chain Reaction”!

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Are any of you familiar with one of Keanu Reeves’ action films entitled, “Chain Reaction”? If not, I happen to be familiar with it. And I am going to mention it this week.

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{Storyline: “Eddie Kasalivich, an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, works as a technician for a scientific team that discovers an alternative, low-cost, pollution-free fuel source. When one of the chief scientists is murdered and the invention stolen, Eddie and physicist Lily Sinclair are framed for it and have to flee for their lives, with the FBI, CIA, and other involved parties in close pursuit. Paul Shannon, Eddie’s mentor, is the director of a scientific company which – unknown to Eddie – has commercial interests in the invention. Eddie and Lily set out to find the stolen invention and hopefully clear themselves of the false charges.” Written by The Ramp Runner:}

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Please check out the Movie Review below:

{ Movie Review: “[Chain Reaction] has better acting, better writing, more spectacular chase sequences and more genuine drama than all of this summer’s blockbusters.” Written by Edward Guthmann of the San Francisco Chronicle}

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Keanu portrayed a believable part of a technician (in the scientific research arena) named “Eddie Kasalivich”. He also starred alongside the extraordinarily talented actor, Morgan Freeman. In my opinion, “Chain Reaction” was an interesting film; although I admit to loving some of Keanu’s more blockbuster action films more. I think that Keanu Reeves looked rather attractive in this film, which was surprising; as he had been recovering from a motorcycle accident. And he was even riding a powerful motorcycle whilst driving exceptionally fast away from a deadly explosion in this film. What a brave soul, Keanu Reeves, is!

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I admire Keanu Reeves’ courageousness so much because he is not afraid to ride those machines not only after that accident, but others, as well. And he appears to just adore riding motorcycles, and obviously, has a rapport with them. I don’t know if I would ride on one with him, but he could possibly persuade me with his adorable demeanor and genteel manner. As usual, you know that I’m in your corner, Keanu!

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If any of you are interested in watching “Chain Reaction”, it is enjoyable and entertaining; in my opinion. Now, I am both the Creator of this Blog and Author of the copyright-protected Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. In addition, Keanu Reevesis my very own Special Muse and Inspiration; as he inspired the creation of my protagonist (main character), “Evian Magi”. For, “Evian Magi”, is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves.

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Thank you tons, Keanu Reeves, for being so exceptionally kind toward me; Miss TaffeytheChamp. And I thank GOD Almighty so very much, especially, for all You have done for me! Please feel free to check out “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga” on Amazon at:

Thanks, in advance, for reading, and Take care of Yourselves!


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