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Image result for taffey tawanna championMy name is Taffey Tawanna Champion. I am a small-town girl, born and raised in Greensboro, GA, educated at GTCHS in Greensboro, GA and further educated at Elon College which eventually became Elon University. This is the university where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I excelled in writing as a young child; even earned merits and won awards for writing ability, including a “Passport to Excellence Award” plaque for Best Essay. Reading and writing also were my first loves before drama and music, which of course, came after.

Before, during and after college, I became a world traveler, even electing to live in London, England for one semester whilst studying at Elon University. I traveled several times to Paris, France at this time. I also met and encountered celebrities in London, England which served to make my experiences even more special. Added to my world traveler status, I lived in South Korea for a short interval. This experience, including my fascination with various Kung-Fu techniques and martial arts films aided in my ability to create The Mystery Arts in THE MYSTERY ALLIANCE:  EVIAN’S SAGA.

I also worked in Marina, CA as an Americorps VISTA for MCHOME (a division of Interim, Inc.) under the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers. During this time, I became acquainted with the various artists of Breakthrough H’ART (a program synonymous with MCHOME) and also with noted Austrian Artist/Painter, Hans Kindel. It was here, under the tutelage of Hans Kindel and Bill Donnelly that I discovered my talent for Abstract/Impressionist Art. This is where the first cover (Paradise Underwater) of my E-book originated. The E-Book cover has since been changed and was created by the exceptionally talented and renowned digital artist, FrinaArt.

THE MYSTERY ALLIANCE: EVIAN’S SAGA was created initially as a copyrighted action/adventure screenplay, however, I decided to adapt it into an E-book: the first in a series of E-books actually. THE MYSTERY ALLIANCE: EVIAN’S SAGA is available for sale at Amazon.com, at www.Smashwords.com, and will be distributed via Smashwords to many online retailers, as well. This E-book is also made available for Libraries to obtain.

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  1. Trees, you referred to trees as your dear friends…that was a clue…please check out my author reviews for the International Author Day Blog Hop, Kenneth Grahame, Algernon Blackwood, and JL Borges–all about trees, forests, gardens. 🙂

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