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I am certain that most of you are likely familiar with Keanu Reeves’ expansive film repertoire. And for any of you who are not, I am definitely, because after all, Keanu Reeves is my endearing and most beloved Muse. And presently, the dramatic film entitled as, “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”, shall be our focal topic for this weeks discussion.

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I must say that I found this film to have several amusing portions, although it is considered a drama. Keanu Reeves portrays the peculiar character, “Chris Nadeau”, and Robin Wright (formerly Robin Wright Penn at the time this film was produced) portrays the “Pippa Lee” character. Now, I could tell within the initial stages of the film that the “Pippa Lee” character was in a sad and distressed place emotionally. And this is not an unusual occurrence for some women as they grow older.

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I could easily see that the middle-aged, “Pippa Lee” character, was interested in my Muse, Keanu, at first sight. She seemed to be looking forward to her husbands impending death (since he was very ill and much older than her) and seeking an affair with Keanu Reeves’ character.  I am sure that this does not surprise many of you ladies out there, either. Although, I will not neglect to mention that her husband was indeed having an affair with her longtime friend before his hospitalization. Keanu’s, “Chris Nadeau” character, was even described as a half-wit (aka simpleton), but he did not seem lacking in intelligence. In actuality, I saw this character in another unfavorable light.

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“Pippa Lee” was going over to “Chris Nadeau’s” parent’s house (where he recently relocated from another area) and to the convenience store where he worked, too often. She was suffering as a sleepwalker or somnambulist, and was even sleepwalking to this neighborhood convenience store only when “Chris Nadeau” was on duty (which led me to deduce that he had definitely been playing on her mind). There was even a phallic-shaped wind chime hanging overhead, as she made her way from her home to his parent’s home; which I found quite humorous.

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Likewise, the false Christian babble or rhetoric spouted off by Keanu’s, “Chris Nadeau” character, whilst wearing an enormous and objectionable tattoo imitation of Jesus Christ on his chest, had me laughing quite a bit. As I have an extensive background in psychology, I would have wondered whether he needed to be assessed for any of the Axis II disorders or even for any type of mental defect. “Chris Nadeau” even had the audacity to state that he had lost his faith; yet, not much later, he wanted to teach “Pippa Lee” how to pray for her hospitalized husband’s soul, just before fondling her genital area. And this lady was so interested in having this sexual experience that she did not even notice this glaring hypocrisy.

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Needless to say, I was rather repulsed by such a false Christian demeanor, brazenly showcased by this faithless male, who appeared to be just a manipulative sexual deviate (with potential mental and/or emotional issues) attempting to use religion as a means to get into a woman’s pants. Of course, the “Pippa Lee” character was easy to deceive, and appeared before marriage, to be somewhat sexually promiscuous. And she seemed quite happy to be deceived by the “Chris Nadeau” character because she was pleased by his attractive looks and was pursuing an illicit affair with him. She even rode off “into the sunset”, as it were, with him; but I, myself, would have taken him directly to the nearest psychiatric facility for a professional assessment, before immediately taking my leave of him. Now, it is one thing to be an unbeliever who needs spiritual guidance; but, someone who admits to being faithless whilst performing, with pretense, false acts of Christian belief is often perceived as a hypocrite.

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Please don’t misunderstand me; this was a very entertaining film. And although Keanu Reeves is my beloved Muse, it is entirely possible for me not to like all of his characters; which I don’t. Yet, I do like most of them, and I also understand why Keanu would want to step into roles of multi-faceted characters; even nefarious ones, as an actor. It showcases him as being multi-dimensional; which is a dream for most professional actors. And in case you are wondering, I was considering this “Chris Nadeau” character as having some kind of mental disorder because it is not uncommon for a mentally-challenged individual to experience a Jesus delusional complex. If you pay attention to the praying/sexual scene, it was the way he was using the tattoo imitation of Jesus Christ on his chest, as though he were stepping into the role of Jesus Christ, to pray for Pippa Lee’s” dying husband, that was such a turn-off for me.

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In addition, I feel that Keanu Reeves did a good job in portraying this unorthodox character. This is my opinion because he certainly succeeded with influencing my dislike of “Chris Nadeau”. Please feel free to watch it, for those of you who may be interested in doing so. And for any of you who have not been apprised, I am the Creator of this Blog and Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book series entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Keanu Reeves is my Special Muse and Inspiration for my creation of this innovative genre, and “Evian Magi”, my protagonist (main character) within “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. This innovative character, “Evian Magi”, is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves.



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