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It would not surprise me if any of you are somewhat familiarized (to a certain extent) with Keanu Reeves’ impressive film repertoire. Now, for any of you who are not as familiar with it, please be assured that I am, because Keanu Reeves just so happens to be my endearing and most beloved Muse. And presently, the breakthrough 2005 drama/comedy film entitled as, “Thumbsucker”, is going to be the focal topic of this week’s discussion.

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“Mills, who hails from the world of music videos and TV commercials, has surrounded Pucci with a superlative group of actors, all of whom are in tune with his quiet, low-key approach to humor. ” Written by Top Critic, Rene Rodriguez, of the Miami Herald from:

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In this film, there is much going on. One is hit with several dramas occurring besides a young adolescent male’s need to be free from a consuming and quite overwhelming attachment to his thumb. A relatively unknown actor by the name of Lou Taylor Pucci portrays this peculiar thumbsucking character, “Justin Cobb”. And Keanu Reeves portrays “Justin Cobb’s” uncanny and adorable orthodontist, “Perry Lyman”.

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From my own perspective, I believe that the thumbsucking has most likely lasted for 17 years because it took so long for “Justin Cobb” to be diagnosed with ADHD. And the diagnosis seems so accurate to “Justin Cobb” that he wholeheartedly decides that he wants treatment. My Muse, Keanu, as “Perry Lyman”, actually aids “Justin” with hypnosis in an unusual manner and prescribes the drug, Ritalin, for his ADHD symptoms. And “Justin Cobb” surprisingly becomes a brilliant debate team speaker/strategist overnight, once this prescribed drug is taken. Now, please understand that it is unorthodox for orthodontists to be sought out by any of their clients to have such prescription medicine administered. Mental health professionals (such as psychiatrists) have such a responsibility as this.

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“Justin is a teenager boy, who has an oral obsession with his thumb. His mother seems to be a normal housekeeper, but she has her own obsessions as well, like a crush on a TV-star. The only person who’s aware of Justin’s problem is his father, manager in a store, but none of his advices seem to be working for Justin. The kid is signed up in a debate workshop, but the thing isn’t going well, because he has his mind in a pretty classmate and, of course, in his thumb, affecting all the rest of his classes. So, Justin is a loner kid in the school, who prefers to lock himself in the bathroom and suck his thumb. Justin’s dentist, a mystical-hippie person, will try to help to overcome his thumb problem, through the hypnosis. But the school’s psychologist will diagnose Justin with the Attention Deficit Disorder, and will prescribe him some drugs. Suddenly, Justin’s problem with his thumb will disappear, becoming an hyperactive genius, winning several debate contests and the admiration from his…”Written by Alejandro Frias


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Of course, anyone can tell that “Justin” is embarrassed to be a 17 year-old thumbsucker. It is a wonder that the lining of his teeth were not misshapen due to so many years of thumbsucking’ behavior. In addition, “Thumbsucker” appears to also be a coming-of-age film for the “Justin” character; including losing his virginity to a rather detached, unconscionable, and sexually experimental female peer (who he assumes is his girlfriend until he hears the shocking, but brutally honest, revelation from her own lips).

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Yet, I enjoyed watching my Muse, Keanu Reeves, as “Perry Lyman”, giving advice to “Justin” about selecting a power animal to go to mentally whenever he possesses the urge to suck his thumb. “Justin” actually selects an innocent fawn as his power animal and “Perry Lyman” tells “Justin” (after the hypnosis session ends) that his tongue shall taste like echinacea each time he disregards this advice and attempts sucking his thumb.

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Other pertinent issues include “Justin’s” mother, “Audrey”, possessing an inappropriate crush on a TV actor by the name of “Matt” (portrayed by Benjamin Bratt). She even enters a contest several times and eventually wins the date with him. His mother also appears preoccupied, in an infatuated manner, with a celebrity client/patient at the rehabilitation center where she is employed. What is disturbing, is that “Justin” appears to be the only one concerned about her behavior. His father “Mike” seems strangely indifferent to this bizarre and emotionally-adulterous behavior.

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And although the film does not concentrate much upon Keanu Reeves’ contribution, I definitely paid attention. His role was brief, but I felt his impact upon the film’s cinematic importance. This is especially essential, since “Thumbsucker” is based upon the well-known novel. Overall, this film was rather interesting to watch and seemed like an Oscar-nominated film. And it did indeed win the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

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