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It is most likely that many of you are rather familiar with Keanu Reeves’ extensive film repertoire. Yet, for any of you who are not, I certainly am, because Keanu Reeves happens to be my most endearing and beloved Muse. And currently, the animated crime-drama film entitled as, “A Scanner Darkly”, shall be the focus of this week’s discussion topic.

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I do admit that I found this film to be difficult to watch due to its cartoonish-like animations of a somewhat all-star cast. Yes, my Muse, Keanu, looks quite attractive as an animated character; no surprise here. And in this film, he portrays the foolhardy and reckless character, “Bob Arctor”, who works as an undercover police officer in what appears to be a somewhat futuristic world. “A Scanner Darkly” also stars veteran actors, Robert Downey, Jr. (aka “Iron Man”) and Woody Harrelson.

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This film surprisingly came out during the year after “Sin City” was released. Only, the animations in “Sin City” appeared like violent comic book elements whereas the animations in “A Scanner Darkly” appeared more like cartoon-ish elements.  I must admit that it was a bit eery looking at Keanu Reeves, at certain times, as an animated character in this film. He still appeared attractive, but his character appeared not to possess any awareness; neither of himself, nor of others. And such awareness or lack of it, could make or break the career of a policeman.

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As an undercover police officer, the “Bob Arctor” character was supposed to be investigating a suspicious set of characters who were taking drugs, and with one of them selling, illegal drugs. The one that was causing the most damage for its users was referred to as Substance D. And Keanu Reeves’ character was actually taking the drug habitually; just like those he was investigating. He even seemed to belong among the investigated targets instead of among the police force.

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I definitely felt that he should have been pulled from duty immediately, before his disturbing symptoms from taking the drug, began to increase. It was similar to schizophenic behavioral patterns and/or psychosis. “Bob Arctor” even enjoyed having sex, at length, with a female Substance D addict as an exhibitionist-type disordered individual (derived from paraphiliac emotional disorders); since he knew full well that every single thing occurring within his house, as an undercover policeman, was being filmed 24/7. And from my extensive background in psychology, “Bob Arctor” did appear to be experiencing symptoms of psychosis; which gradually began to increase throughout the film’s duration. To be honest, I did not feel any sympathy for him. After all, he did abandon his wife and daughters in a callous and cruel manner.

КИАНУ РИВЗ - БОЕЦ, РОМАНТИК, ФИЛОСОФ{Adorable Keanu Reeves Image from:}

What was amusing, is that “Bob Arctor”, in turn, was virtually used as a human laboratory animal by a few individuals, who considered that they were doing this for a higher purpose, and who wanted to infiltrate the organization which devised and distributed the Substance D drug. It was discovered that they aided him in becoming a drug addict with brain damage, so that he would be enrolled into the drug treatment program of this aforementioned organization. It could be said that karma was definitely visiting this character after his unconscionable desertion of his own fatherly/husbandly’ duties. In addition, at the end of the film, Keanu’s“Bob Arctor” character, appeared to be permanently stuck in a state of psychosis. He even seemed quite childlike and extremely easy to manipulate; which is a sad state to be in.

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Overall, this was an intriguing and entertaining film to watch. So, please feel free to watch it, for those of you who may be interested in doing so. And for any of you who have not been apprised, I am the Creator of this Blog and Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book series entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Keanu Reeves is my Special Muse and Inspiration for my creation of this innovative genre, and “Evian Magi”, my protagonist (main character) within “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. This innovative character, “Evian Magi”, is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves.

I have even recently Released its Prequel in this E-Book series entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Prequel to Evian’s Saga”, during this year of 2018. Please feel free to purchase a copy of each E-Book via Amazon at:

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I give stupendous and gracious thanks to you, Keanu Reeves, for being so kind towards your l’il southern belle MuseeMiss TaffeytheChamp, and for always being my knight in shining armor. And I thank GOD supremely and monumentally, for everything You have  ever done for me. And please feel free to check out both of my E-Books via Amazon to any readers of my Blog who may be interested. Thanks for your piqued interest in these Blog posts of mine, and have an Exciting week ahead!

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