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Image result for taffey tawanna championHello, all! Welcome to this Blog of Miss TaffeytheChamp!

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Do you happen to be familiar with any of Keanu Reeves’ blockbuster hits within the “John Wick” enterprise? Well, I certainly am. And I would like to focus upon them, and new updates, as the topic of discussion this week.

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The original “John Wick” film is rather fascinating with superb action, intense drama and suspense, and is loaded with scenes of epic, yet macabre violence; throughout its entirety. In its sequel, entitled, “John Wick Chapter 2”, Keanu Reeves (my Muse) returns as the most unconquerable and unstoppable hitman ever. It really doesn’t matter what anyone does, no one appears capable of destroying him. And I felt that Keanu looked so endearing running alongside his dog fellow in the end of the film; as they are both adorably bow-legged (with my Muse, Keanu Reeves, being just slightly bow-legged than this canine partner).

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There has also been a comic book enterprise created for this fascinatingly intriguing  Keanu Reeves’ character. And it appears to be growing in popularity. Though, this comes as no surprise to me, since they drew the character fitting the description of my endearing Muse, Keanu Reeves, as “John Wick”. Information on this comic book may be located at:

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It is especially terrific news that the “John Wick” enterprise shall be expanding into an innovative television show through the Starz channel. Its start date has not been announced, and it may be a while before such an enterprise is put into action. Keanu is purportedly going to make appearances and shall be the Executive Producer of the show. And I couldn’t be more thrilled and supportive of my Muse with these exceptional endeavors. Of course, I make certain that you are aware of how I always support you, Mr. Adorable.

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But, before this television show enters the picture, “John Wick 3” will begin shooting this year; 2018. And it is due to be released in the year 2019. I do look forward to any of the work director, Chad Stahelski, and his writing partner, Derek Kolstad, will put into making such incredible productions surrounding the unconquerable and incredibly sexy hitman, “John Wick”. Please feel free to read a little about this proposed venture at:

And for any of you who are not acquainted with me, I am the Creator of this Blog and Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Keanu Reeves happens to be my Special Muse and Inspiration for my creation of “Evian Magi”, the protagonist (main character) within “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. And “Evian Magi” is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves.

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Thank you immensely, Keanu Reeves, for being so terrific; and for being such an outstanding Muse and incredible gentleman towards this little lady; Miss TaffeytheChamp. And I thank GOD, most significantly, for all of the blessings which You have ever bestowed upon me. By the way, if any of you are interested, please feel free to purchase a copy of “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga” at: Thanks for your piqued interest in Miss TaffeytheChamp’s Blogs, and have a Great week ahead!


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