Keanu Reeves in “John Wick Chapter 2”!

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By any chance, are any of you familiar with the Keanu Reeves’ film entitled, “John Wick Chapter 2? Well, I am particularly familiar with it, so I have endeavored to make it the focal topic of discussion for this week.

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In “John Wick Chapter 2”, Keanu Reeves returns as the most unconquerable hitman ever. It does not matter what anyone does, no one appears capable of destroying him. He is unstoppable. What is so fascinating about “John Wick’s” expertise is that even with years of retirement (after having won his freedom from accomplishing an impossible task), his expert combat skills were honed (and were simply at rest), so that he returns to such work with exceptionally masterful panache. Keanu Reeves portrays this character with his extraordinary combat skills collected over the years from “The Matrix Trilogy”, and onward, until his “John Wick” combat training ensued.

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Storyline: “After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.” Written by an Anonymous writer at

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Synopsis for John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

“In the opening scene, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) heads to a warehouse owned by Abram Tarasov (Peter Stormare) to get his car back. Abram wants payback against John for killing his brother Viggo and nephew Iosef. John is killing all of Abram’s guards before he finally gets to his car. As he drives away, a whole mess of Abram’s goons start attacking John. His car gets banged up, and the henchmen slam into John with their cars, but the man is persistent and easily kills all the goons before making his way to Abram’s office. John simply pours Abram and himself a drink. He chooses to spare Abram in a peace offering. Abram questions John as to whether or not he can actually find peace…” [Taken from via

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Of course, I am always awe-inspired when I view the exhilarating and exciting display of my Muse, Keanu’s, superior combat skills in motion. I unabashedly admit that it is absolutely ‘edge of your seat’ entertainment. Now, Keanu Reeves, has continually exuded phenomenal charisma and stimulating masculinity that affects one whenever he decides to enact characters on film. Thus, such captivating appeal should not surprise anyone; least of all me, Keanu’s little Musee, Miss TaffeytheChamp (as Keanu is the Muse and I am the Musee; whom he inspires).

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For any of you who are not aware, Gun-fu is a relatively recent form of martial arts combat (with guns) being performed throughout Hollywood film and media. The current definition of gun-fu is as follows: “Gun fu, a portmanteau of gun and kung fu, is the style of sophisticated close-quarters gunplay seen in Hong Kong action cinema and in Western films influenced by it.” This definition was taken from the website:

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John Wick Chapter 2” has received several Rotten Tomato Reviews on; which is terrific. One excellent review of “Keanu’s portrayal of “John Wick” within this second installment is as follows: “Powering it all is Reeves as Wick, a hitman who wants nothing more than to leave the life behind yet seems born to it, so at home on the hunt and under fire that it seems to give him purpose.” Written by Sean Axmaker of Stream on Demand via

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In my opinion, both films within this “John Wick” series (well, trilogy, to be exact) are both exceptionally mesmerizing forms of film entertainment. I truly enjoyed viewing them every single moment that I have had the time and opportunity to do so. Needless to say, I am continually proud of my Muse, Keanu Reeves, when he successfully and superbly enacts such eclectic characters on the big screen. Keanu Reeves can be somewhat of a charming daredevil, at times. As you know, you have always inspired this lady, Keanu, and will most likely continue to do so (and quite effortlessly).

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Overall, “John Wick Chapter 2” is a superbly produced film that ultimately grasps hold of the audiences’ attention. And it just would not be as engaging without Keanu Reeves’ essential contributions. But, please don’t take my word for it. Feel free to watch it, for any of you who may be interested. Now, for any of you who have not been apprised, I am the Creator of this Blog and Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Keanu Reeves is my Special Muse and Inspiration for my creation of “Evian Magi”, the protagonist (main character) within “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. And “Evian Magi” is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves.

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Thanks stupendously, Keanu Reeves, for being so amazingly kind towards me. And I thank GOD, most importantly, and most fundamentally, for all You have ever done for me. Please feel free to check out “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga” on Amazon at: Thanks very much for reading, and enjoy a Great week!


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