The Reality of Ageism in Hollywood: How Actors & the Audience are Cheated!

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I would like to discuss the reality of ageism in Hollywood these days. It is amazing to me just how ignorant many individuals are when it comes to this sensitive issue. It has been happening to actresses in Hollywood, and in many professions, for countless decades. But, now it appears to be becoming prevalent with men; particularly, in Hollywood.

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Now, there are discrepancies; especially with Sean Connery (the original and most legendary “James Bond”), who retired several years ago. Let me add that this phenomenal actor was still in demand (and still being asked to star in movies) when he made the decision to retire. This gentleman was loved the world over, and those of the female persuasion (of most age groups, including adolescents and older women) found him extremely attractive, even though he is quite an elderly gent.

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Many were surprised when the sequels to “Tron” and “Wall Street” were produced. Now, Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas do hail from Hollywood royalty; as they are the sons of the late great Lloyd Bridges and the phenomenal Kirk Douglas (famous mostly for the film “Spartacus”, among others). I must add that they are both great actors in their own right, also. I, for one, could not imagine “Tron Legacy” and “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” without these actors starring again in those characters which they had made famous. Now, it must be noted that in “Tron Legacy”, Jeff Bridges was even made to appear younger through a form of computer-generated imagery or visual special effects.

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Yet, in this modern day age, Film making conglomerates are known for removing some of our most beloved and celebrated actors from their films as they grow older. When actors are younger, some of these mammoth producers have them cast over and over again in amazing films. But, as they grow older, we (of worldwide audiences) see them less and less; and it appears that these same actors are rarely asked to star in their films any longer.

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In addition, instead of producing highly-conceptual and innovative screenplays often, Film making conglomerates are oftentimes revamping Hit films and Hit television shows that audiences have loved the world over. Just some of these include “Footloose”, “Miami Vice”, “The A-Team”, “Point Break”, “Fantastic Four”, “Fright Night”, and recently “CHIPS” (as if anyone can step into Chris Sarandon’s and Erik Estrada’s shoes); not to mention, the news, we audience members, have been hearing concerning the shocking reboot of “The Matrix” (without Keanu Reeves). I cannot even imagine “The Matrix” without Keanu Reeves because he  is “The One”. As “Neo”, Keanu has the perfect height, perfect image, and has the camera-worthy physique to wear the stylized-attire that we associate with this beloved, hero-archetype character.

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I have written this Blog post in order to help people wake up to what is occurring in Hollywood and within the film industry. It is heartbreaking when our celebrated actors are replaced, and the characters they are known for are taken away from them. What Film-making conglomerates must understand is that we (the audience members) feel as though we are being cheated when they make such hideous and atrocious decisions. Unfortunately, all that seems to matter when producing most of these films today is making money; and making as much money as they can stuff their pockets with. Gone, it seems, are the golden days of Hollywood; which is such a great shame.


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