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I hope that at least some of you are familiar with the Keanu Reeves’ film entitled, “Johnny Mnemonic”. If any of you are not familiar with it, I would like to make it a focal topic of discussion this week.

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Johnny Mnemonic” successfully intermingles 3 genres; Action, Crime, and Sci-Fi. In it, Keanu Reeves teams up with veteran actor, Udo Kier again. The first time was in “My Own Private Idaho” with his late great best friend and phenomenal actor, River Phoenix; may he rest in peace. On the whole, this film starred an eclectic cast from Ice-T to Henry Rollins to Dolph Lundgren, and also to Ms. Dina Meyer.

Storyline: “In 2021, the whole world is connected by the gigantic Internet, and almost a half of the population is suffering from the Nerve Attenuation Syndrome (NAS). Johnny with an implanted memory chip in his brain was ordered to transport the over loaded information from Beijing to Newark. While Pharmakom Industries supported by yakuza tries to capture him to get the information back, the Low-tech group led by J-Bone tries to break the missing code to download the cure of NAS which Johnny carries. Written by Miho Ishimine <>” [Located at:]

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One thing to remember about this film is that it was ahead of its time in the year 1995. News concerning virtual reality was just becoming widespread, as though it was a massive rumor. It was rather entertaining to watch Dolph Lundgren portraying the character called “Street Preacher” (with a body overloaded with electrical implants), who I believe was an insane hitman that thought those he killed for-hire were sinners being brought to Jesus. It was even more comical the way Ice-T’s character, “J-Bone”, described this character’s insanity.

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This was an enjoyable and entertaining Keanu Reeves’ film; as I did enjoy viewing the first film within that time frame which appeared to foretell the future of the internet during the millennium age. The second of its kind I watched that year was “Virtuosity” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. “Speed” was released the year before, and I fell in love with it because it took me on such an awesome and figurative thrill-ride of epic adventures.

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I do believe that some critics were harder on “Johnny Mnemonic” because they could not get “Speed” out of their minds. Just look at the above magazine cover of Keanu Reeves as “Jack Traven”, and this becomes a somewhat understandable reaction. Yet, I must say that people should have been more empathetic during this time. Understandably, Keanu Reeves was likely still grieving and reeling from the loss of his best friend, River Phoenix, who appeared to be like a brother to him; and who died traumatically in the year 1993…just two years before “Johnny Mnemonic” was released.

One thing I must say here though, is that, as I was growing up, I thought Keanu Reeves was one of the most Beautiful men that I had ever seen; which anyone can comprehend from viewing the magazine cover above. And that is one of the reasons why I created a Beautiful male Action Book character in his honor. In addition, one thing which I certainly appreciated was some of the adorable looks on Keanu Reeves’ countenance throughout “Johnny Mnemonic”. He can be quite dreamy, at times; I do not mind admitting. Please feel free to watch it, if any of you have not, and may be interested in doing so.

Now, for those of you who are not aware, I am Miss Taffey Tawanna Champion (aka TaffeytheChamp); Creator of this Blog and Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. My protagonist (main character) is “Evian  Magi”; who is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves. So, please feel free to purchase a copy via Amazon at:

Thanks so very much, Keanu Reeves, for your absolutely amazing kindness and consideration toward this little southern belle Author. I couldn’t have done it without you, my Precious and Endearing Muse. I thank GOD, even more abundantly, for all of the wonderful blessings with which You have bestowed upon me. Thanks for reading, and Take care of yourselves!


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