Keanu Reeves in “Hardball”!

Image result for taffey tawanna championHi there & Welcome to My Blog! May I ask, are any of you familiar with a film of Keanu Reeves entitled, “Hardball”? Well, I am, and would like to converse about it this week.

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Now, I must admit that it was quite a while after its initial release before I saw this film. I was rather enjoying seeing (much more than once) Mr. Keanu Reeves in a football uniform within the film, “The Replacements” during that time period. Nevertheless, when I finally did, I enjoyed it tremendously. In the film, “Hardball”, Keanu Reeves portrays a character plagued by numerous troubles (albeit, of his own making and most likely, inherited from his recently deceased father). And this Keanu Reeves‘ character goes by the name of “Conor O’Neill”.

{A Quote regarding “Hardball”: “‘HARDBALL’ hits an emotional home run.” Written by: George Pennacchio of ABC-TV}

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That aforementioned quote, in my opinion, briefly summed up the emotional element that this film incited within those of us who enjoyed it. Although the “Conor O’Neill” character tried his best to make people believe that he was hardhearted and uncaring, he did not really succeed. This Keanu Reeves’ character appeared embittered by all of the troubles he had gotten himself into, since becoming a compulsive sports gambler. It was quite painful viewing this character’s suffering until, after experiencing a huge win that helped him pay off his debts, he quit gambling cold turkey. Now, that is an extremely difficult problem to overcome; which demonstrates abundant willpower. Unfortunately, that does not happen often with individuals in most real-life situations.

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Please feel free to read the “HARDBALL” Movie Review below:

{“A charming sports drama that’s more about humanity than the joy of winning.” Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.}

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I must add that it was quite sad when one of the film’s most memorable characters, called “G-Baby” (portrayed by DeWayne Warren) was killed in a drive-by shooting. Now, no matter how much flack Keanu Reeves has received for his acting over the years, I felt that the tears that he shed at the funeral could have been sincere. The character, “Conor O’Neill” did indeed appear to experience quite a profound sadness over such a young life being taken so soon, and through such a tragic occurrence.

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Of course, there was quite a bit of comic relief in this film, which is no surprise; as it is a sports comedy. I especially enjoyed seeing Mr. Keanu Reeves dancing and singing to the late great Notorious B.I.G.’s hit song, “Big Poppa”. I must admit that he looked rather sweet and endearing behaving in such an amusing manner. Now, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve witnessed Keanu Reeves dancing to songs with soulistic stylings. The year before, he, along with his co-stars, performed the electric slide (to “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor) within a prison in the film entitled, “The Replacements”. Thus, overall, I found “Hardball” to be a singularly, delightful film.

For any of you who are not aware, I am Miss Taffey Tawanna Champion aka TaffeytheChamp; Creator of this Blog, and I am Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy E-Book entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Keanu Reeves is my Special Muse and Inspiration regarding the creation of my protagonist (main character), “Evian Magi; as “Evian Magi is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves

Thank you abundantly, Keanu Reeves, for you are always such an extraordinarily  kind gentleman toward me. And I thank GOD, most of all, for always being there for me and supporting me. Now, any of you may purchase a copy of “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga” at: Thanks for your appreciative interest, and Have a Wonderful week!

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