Keanu Reeves in “Permanent Record”!

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Are any of you familiar with some of the dramatic films of Keanu Reeves? I ask because there is one of them that I find quite memorable; and it is entitled, “Permanent Record”.

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This was such a touching film because the suicide of the most popular guy in high school came as such a shocking surprise to his loved ones. It was particularly heartbreaking for his best friend, “Chris Townsend”, portrayed by Keanu Reeves. You can actually see how confusing and heartrending an experience it is for “Chris Townsend” throughout the film; especially when “David Sinclair” (portrayed by Alan Boyce), insolently mails him an extremely brief, yet poignant suicide letter before taking his own life.

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Please feel free to read two reviews about “Permanent Record” below:

“A fresh faced Keanu Reeves stars in this quietly tragic depiction of teenage years, suicide and anger.” by Film4. And this review can be found at:

“The synopsis makes this sound like a sort of mystery, but it’s not. This is a little slow moving drama with smart dialogue. Keanu did a very good job in his role…probably one of his best.” by Robin P. And this review can be found at:

This film showcased Keanu Reeves‘ talent as a musician; as most people are aware that he played bass in the alternative Rock band called “Dogstar“. I have always loved the sounds of the bass guitar. And I have always enjoyed watching attactive bass guitar players in action, including Keanu Reeves, and whilst I was growing up; John Taylor of “Duran Duran“.

Not only am I the creator of this Blog, but I am also Author of the Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. Within this E-Book, my protagonist (main character), Evian Magi, is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of the mega-talented, Keanu Reeves. It is located at: I thank Keanu Reeves for being my Special Muse and Inspiration. And I, especially, thank GOD very much for the opportunities with which He has blessed me. Take care of yourselves, and Happy Holidays to you! 


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