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Image result for taffey tawanna championHello, Everyone! Welcome to this Blog of Miss TaffeytheChamp!

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I will only take a few moments of your precious time to provide some more updates concerning the Re-Release of My Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy entitled, “THE MYSTERY ALLIANCE: EVIAN’S SAGA”.

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I dedicated this Re-Release in honor of the Pioneering Actor, Keanu Reeves! As I have made known, he is My Muse and Inspiration for my creation of the main character (protagonist), Evian Magi, within this literary work of art; since Evian Magi is the Mystic Fantasy Hero version of Keanu Reeves. I felt that this kindhearted gentleman deserved that I create a character in honor of him and his hard work. I thank GOD for blessing me with letting him know this.

{Keanu Reeves Image from:}

I simply cannot stress enough that Creative Artists need to make certain that their Creative works are Copyright-Protected. As long as you have any software or hardware material of your Original works, you have Proof; as Ink Dating techniques will substantiate your rights (as well as having the U.S. Copyright Office’s Proof of your Ownership rights, most Importantly). Below, I have provided web links regarding new Promotional updates concerning both Myself, and My artistic creation, mentioned above.

Keanu Reeves Matrix Matrix{Keanu Reeves Image from:}

My E-Book is most primarily located via Amazon at:

Abundant thanks and praise go out to Ms. Theodocia McLean for these wonderful promotions, and to Ms. M.C.V. Egan aka Catalina (my phenomenally talented friend and incredible Author, in her own right); as she has created wonderful promotions for me, as well. These aforementioned promotions are provided below:

Thanks, in advance, for reading! Take care of yourselves. Have a fantastic week!


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