In Memoriam: Lawrence Hertzog

Hello, All & Welcome to My Blog! I hope you will be enjoying a phenomenal week. This week’s Blog shall be dedicated to the memory of yet another extraordinarily talented gentleman by the name of Lawrence Hertzog.

He was known to his friends and family as Larry Hertzog. He passed away on April 19, 2008, surprisingly. I actually remember this gentleman due to the fact that I watched quite a few television shows that he co-created, co-produced, etc. with another brilliant genius, Stephen J. Cannell. These television shows included “Hardcastle & McCormick”, “Hunter”, “Stingray”, and “J.J. Starbuck”.

One of the aforementioned television shows which I remember most fondly is “Stingray”. Nick Mancuso’s character, as the mysterious gentleman who mostly wore black, that most of the supporting characters referred to as “Ray”, was rather handsome, mysterious, and intriguing to watch. And at the end of each episode, Lawrence Hertzog’s name would always stand out in the television show’s credits. Hertzog may not longer be with us, but his captivating legacy shall linger on.

He also directed Lawrence Hertzog Productions. Thanks for reading this week’s post. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy a great weekend!


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