A Memorial Tribute to Prince!

Hello & Welcome to Miss TaffeytheChamp’s Blog! I would like to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I am doing well & I am working on completing my current intensive Educational Psychology course. It is quite interesting & engaging, so I have no complaints. This week, I would like to use one of Prince’s songs for a Memorial Tribute to him. I always loved the song, “Mountains” on the soundtrack of Prince’s musical drama film, “Under the Cherry Moon”. Although some of the lyrics were fun, most of them seemed rather spiritually inspiring. Thanks, Prince Rogers Nelson a.k.a. Prince!

“Mountains (Lyrics by Prince)

Once upon a time in a land called Fantasy

17 mountains stood so high

The sea surrounded them and 2gether they would be

The only thing that ever made U cry


U said that the devil told you that another mountain would appear

Every time somebody broke your heart

He said the sea would one day overflow with all your tears

And love will always leave U lonely


But I say it’s only mountains and the sea

Love will conquer if U just believe (Oh yeah!)

It’s only mountains and the sea

There’s nothing greater (oh), U and me


Once upon a time in a haystack of despair

Happiness is sometime hard 2 find there

Africa divided, hijack in the air

It’s enough 2 make you wanna lose your mind


Guitars and drums on the 1, huh

(Bobby on the drum-ah)



It’s only mountains (oh yeah) and the sea

(And the girls say)

There’s nothing greater (oh), U and me


(Starvation) Ow!

Mountains, uh”

Rest in Peace, Prince: Singer/Songwriter Extraordinaire!


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