Hi, ALL! Welcome to TaffeytheChamp’s Blog. This Week’s post shall be quite short, yet filled with delightful news. So, I hope all of you wonderful people will definitely make the time to read this one.

Two Weeks ago, I discovered via http://www.Twitter.com that one of my Tweets (about my E-Book) was very popular & had acquired 389 views. I was astounded by this news, but I was even more floored by last week’s news. I discovered again via http://www.Twitter.com on Monday, February 2, 2015 (Groundhog Day) that one of my Tweets (also about my E-Book) was extremely popular & had acquired a WHOPPING 3,606 views Words CANNOT express my happiness & excitement once I received this fascinating information.

As usual, please feel free to post any comments/ideas you may want to share with me, TaffeytheChamp. I do always look forward to hearing from any of you. Thanks for Reading & Take Care of Yourselves!


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