TaffeytheChamp’s Feature INTERVIEW with Schuyler J. Ebersol!

Taffey ChampionHi, all! I did attend the Book Club Engagement event last evening and it was such a blessed, enriching experience for me as an Author. However, I won’t be posting about it until next week because I am going to share my online Interview with Schuyler J. Ebersol this week. I have found this young gentleman such a fascinating and spectacular writer of the exceptional Action Adventure, “THE HIDDEN WORLD”. So you see, I could not help but request, and conduct an online Interview with him. The Interview questions and answers are written below. Enjoy!

1. How did you manage to formulate in your mind the creation of Nate Williams’ incredible origins?

The first time Nate Williams came to me it was when I wrote the Before. At that time I didn’t even know where he was coming from when he was wandering alone in the woods or where he was going. As I continued to write and the story evolved I began to figure out his origins and where he was heading. It is really quite remarkable how his life and his identity knitted itself together and how I set the groundwork for what was to come without really knowing it. There is more information yet for the readers and myself to discover about his origins and his future.

2.How long did it take you to create the new sport, “Jeka”, which is a combination of several sports styles?

It didn’t take me too long to create Jeka. I spent a little time drawing the field in a notebook, writing out plays and rules, but it really just came to me as I wrote. I decided that since there were so few people in this hidden world, it wouldn’t really work for them to play multiple sports, so why not create their own. Jeka is a mix between soccer, football, and rugby, together the most beloved sports in their own right throughout the world. So I just put them together and I got Jeka.

3.What motivated you into creating such beautifully descriptive, landscape designs where Noble College is located (and within the educational institution itself) in “The Hidden World”? Do you get your ideas through visual imagery or stimuli? Or do you think it all comes from some subliminal, unconscious thought processes?

My ideas are definitely stimulated by things that I see and hear, but they do come from a deeper, subconscious part of me. When I write, the story flows through me. I have no idea where the story is going, I just see it play out before my eyes, and I write it down. I create a world, and that world is so incredibly real to me. I can see every detail, know every person, and do whatever I want. When Nate arrived at Noble and saw it for the first time, I got to Noble and saw it for the first time. My mind made the image and I wrote it down as best I could.
It was recently brought up in an interview that the Forest Room reminded the interviewer about the film Avatar. I never thought about Avatar when I was creating Noble College, but every film I have seen and every book I have read has played a roll in shaping my vision.
My favorite thing in the world is to write descriptions of landscapes. I love coming up with new ways to describe every day, or not so common, sights. I have so much fun with it that I am always asked to cut it down by my editors. I see the world I create so perfectly and I want everyone else to experience what I do.

4.What’s next on your agenda with what appears to be–your incisive, yet brilliant literary works of art …may I ask?

There are a lot of things on my to do list. I have written five full books, the Hidden World being the first and I want to see all of them hit the bookshelves. The second book I wrote is the sequel to the Hidden World, and together they are the first two of a planned five book series.
The third novel I wrote is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel. It is my favorite book, and I am currently editing it for submission to publishers.
My fourth book is an Adventure Fantasy novel, where I created a whole new world, along with new races and animals. I had a ton of fun with the fourth book, but right now it is sitting collecting dust because my agent simply cannot submit so many books at once.
My fifth novel is the novel I am proudest of. It is the culmination of four years of writing and is my first Adult novel yet. It is a political thriller. That novel is currently undergoing a line edit by an editor I have employed. When he is finished, I will do my own edit and send the book back to the publishers, who are interested in it.
I have been working on my sixth book, another Science Fiction tale, throughout my first year at UVA, but recently I have had trouble finding the time to work on it. I haven’t written more than ten or twenty pages in the past few months, even though I’m 150 pages in. It bothers me a little that I haven’t worked on it and I haven’t been writing as much, but I have to remind myself I have been incredibly busy with school work, PR for The Hidden World, and edits; once I am home for the summer, I will be able to give my writing my undivided attention.
I have started at least ten different novels in the last few months, but time will tell which, if any, of those is ever completed. There’s a lot to do. In the next few months I would like to see offers for publication of the sequel to The Hidden World, my fifth novel; secure a publishing contract, my third novel rewritten, and my fourth submitted to publishers.


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